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Quantum Media Patent Global Release

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The Quantum Media Global Patent was released on March 1, 2018 in the United States

Quantum Media Online Hot Sale

Quantum Water Base each Bottle of 10G at US$88

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Quantum Isothermal Heat-transfer Medium (QIT Medium)

Quantum Technology Group invented QTG Medium

QTG Medium is a new heat-transfer medium invented by Quantum Technology Group. It is a powder made of several inorganic particles with various structures and electrical/magnetic properties. Its suspension in deionized water in a volume fraction of 1% forms a revolutionary kind of heat transfer fluid that differs significantly from all the others. Filling in the closed cavity of metallic and non-metallic thermal transfer devices, it ensures dynamic corrosion inhibition and induces strong coupling among transport processes, thus providing those devices isothermal heat transfer.

The unique technology:

1. Provide thermal transfer devices low-temperature isothermal heat transfer
2. Wide working temperature range from -35 °C to over 600 °C
3. Non-hazardous, in compliance of international environmental standards

The value proposition:

1. Minimizing the production cost
2. Enhancing the thermal efficiency
3. Reducing energy loss and lowering CO2 emissions

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