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什么是量子? What is quantum?

Posted: Thu Jun 30, 2016 11:04 am
by admin
Quantum Technology Group invented QTG Medium!

Filling only 10% of the inner cavity, QTG Medium provides metallic and non-metallic thermal devices dynamic corrosion inhibition, transfers heat isothermally and phenomenally with a negative temperature gradient. This is made possible by cross-coupling-driven thermal waves and thermal resonance. In theory, its thermal conductivity could be infinite!

QTG Medium is the world’s first non-hazardous heat transfer material (free from 265 hazardous substances and in compliance of international environmental standards), and its working temperature range is from -35°C up to 1700°C.

The value proposition of QTG Medium: enhancing thermal efficiency, reducing energy loss, minimizing production cost and lowering CO2 emissions.